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Shop online at PrimeWeld.com for all types of TIG welders to best meet your welding needs. PrimeWeld TIG welding machines offer tremendous flexibility for both professionals and hobbyists. From AC/DC TIG welders to inverters to dual-voltage machines, PrimeWeld has you covered. We also carry full argon tanks to get you welding as quickly as can be.

All of our TIG welders for sale online come with a three-year warranty plus free shipping! 

Can't decide which TIG welding machine to buy? No problem! Check out our glowing customer reviews or give our welding experts a call at (856) 537-4368, or contact us to make sure you get the right TIG welder for your needs.

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      With PrimeWeld’s TIG welding machines, operators can weld in all positions, including flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead. The process is ideal for welding in confined spaces or roll cages. You can use our TIG welders on steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper, brass, aluminum, and magnesium.

      What Are Some of the Most Popular Types of TIG Welding?

      There are many different types of GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) or TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. Some of the most popular types include:

      • DC TIG welding is a process in which an arc is struck between a tungsten electrode and the metal workpiece.
      • Pulse TIG welding is when the output current changes between high and low current.
      • DC Pulse TIG welding allows faster welding speeds with better control of heat input to the work, which is an advantage in the welding of thin stainless and carbon steels.
      • Fusion welding is used when the edges of the metal pieces are melted together using only the heat and arc force generated by the TIG arc.
      • TIG Welding with filler wire is necessary for many situations with TIG welding to add a filler wire into the weld pool to build up weld reinforcement and create a strong weld.
      • AC TIG welding enables you to TIG weld non-ferrous alloys like aluminum, magnesium, and aluminum alloys.

      PrimeWeld TIG Welders

      PrimeWeld's best-selling, top-of-the-line TIG225X AC/DC TIG Welder meets the needs of both the serious professional and the part-time hobbyist. A foot paddle control, which is included in the package, ensures ease of use for operators of all experience levels. The TIG225X has a pulse frequency of 0.5 to 10 Hz for quality welds on those thin sections of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

      If you are looking for increased efficiency from a welder, look no further than the TIG200-D Inverter Welder. This compact, versatile unit produces high-quality welds at a transfer efficiency of above 85%.

      Both TIG welding models are multi-use with both TIG and stick functions.

      TIG Welder Combos

      Do you need even more versatility with your welding equipment? Check out our CT-520D Plasma Cutter/Stick Welder Combo and our STICK160 110v/220v Dual Voltage Stick Welder. Both models feature a TIG welder coupled with other functions in one easy-to-afford package.

      PrimeWeld also offers the incredibly versatile CT-520DP 50A Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, which provides users with a TIG welder, stick welder, and plasma cutter all in one machine.

      TIG Welding Accessories

      Don't forget to pair your TIG welder with the right accessories. You can use PrimeWeld.com as your one-stop shop for everything from TIG welder covers to TIG welding water coolers to the best water-cooled TIG torch that money can buy. Check out PrimeWeld's TIG Welding Accessories page to browse.

      Which TIG Welder is Right For Me?

      Get in touch with our welding experts at (856) 537-4368 or contact us to ensure you get the right TIG welder for your needs.

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