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160ST 160 Amp Arc / Stick Welder Dual Voltage 110v / 220v


The PrimeWeld 160ST is a compact and reliable TIG welder that features a 160-Amp double voltage stick welder. Order online today at PrimeWeld.




Product Description:

Primeweld 160ST is another tig welding machine from the PrimeWeld Company. It is a compact and reliable machine that features 160 amps double voltage Stick welder. The machine will help you handle most of your primary welding needs and requirements up to 160 amps.

PrimeWeld 160ST is suitable for shops and other job sites. As a result of the voltage input capability, the tig welding machine can efficiently operate off a power generator with either 110 volts or 220-volt outlets. Despite its power, the machine is compact and extremely lightweight making it easy to carry around. The main features include 120 v / 240 v dual voltage, 160 stick welder, inverter technology, DC Stick, full 120 amp output on the 120 volts/ 160 volts amps on 240 volts.

If you are looking to buy a welding unit, then it is important for you to choose the kind of unit that will end up being appropriate and good deal for your industrial needs. With most recent developments in the welding field, you will have options like 160 amp inverter arc welder, best 110v stick welder, arc 160 welding machine, arc-160 inverter welder, 160 amp stick inverter welder, 160sth welder before you. In fact, there are numerous reasons why having a best 160 amp arc welder in your own home or industry can be helpful. You will save more, since you are not contracting it out to any third party members. Also, you can make more money by performing excellent welding and cutting on your won.

Arc welders are the very basic welding machines that help novices learn the art of welding and cutting. 160 amp arc welders are the easiest to weld with. You just have to hold a welding rod in one of the clamps and touch the work piece that needs to be cut or welded. This forms a circuit, melts the rod and welds the metal pieces together. Ultimately, you will get a single end product. 160 amp arc welder thickness is quite high and it has more penetration than MIG/TIG/flux cores. Beneficial features of 160 amp arc welders are given here:

These welders come at relatively fair prices that everyone can afford.

When used right, you can create tough cuts and welds easily.

Seeing from the positive side of the welder, you can even spend your dollars to get a 160sth welder for hobby use. In either way, you can think of various situations as to whether finding arc 160 welding machine is worth the expended amount or not. These power arc welders are also called as 160 amp stick welders. You will find stick welding machines at amperage of 200. But, 160 amp stick welders get ahead in the competition and lead the welding industry with its extraordinary features, performances and prices. This unit also gives the benefit of first-rate arc characteristic. So when diving deep into the welding processes, you will have different options and different sorts of welding, but choosing the right one is important to have excellent weld on the metal. Also, welding should be done in an easiest way with high duty cycles.

Choosing a right welding machine from PRIMEWELD that best suits your needs is the way to delight in the benefits of the machine to the fullest. When you choose to buy our 160sth welder, you will be provided with accessories like 110v 220v adapter, 110v 220v converter and 110v to 230v adapter, so that you don’t have to worry about buying it from somewhere else. We have got you covered for all your welding needs!