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The quality of your welding and plasma cutting accessories is just as important as your cutting machine. PrimeWeld offers the finest welding accessories that make your experience as convenient and safe as possible. Take a look at our current line of high-quality welding accessories below for your TIG welder, MIG welder, or plasma cutter.

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    Shop for everything from MIG welder to TIG welder to plasma cutter accessories online and place your order safely and conveniently.

    PrimeWeld Plasma Cutter Electrodes, Nozzles, and Shield Cups

    This 30-piece set of plasma cutter accessories is specifically designed to work with PrimeWeld’s CUT50, CUT50P, CT520, and CT520DP machines. The collection includes 10 nozzles, 10 electrodes, and 10 shield cups—all made from the highest-quality materials.

    If you want this same set for the CUT60 Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter, choose our CUT60 set of electrodes, nozzles, and shield cups.

    PrimeWeld TIG Welding Foot Pedal for Plasma Cutter

    This rugged and affordable TIG Welding foot pedal for the CT520D and CT520DP multi-process welders lets operators control their TIG torch conveniently with a touch of the foot. 

    Foot Pedal for PrimeWeld’s TIG225X AC/DC TIG Welder

    Check out the foot pedal for your PrimeWeld TIG225X TIG Welder. It is designed to help operators regulate amperage easily by foot.

    Which Welding Accessory is Right For Me?

    We have so much to choose from! From argon tanks to plasma cutting consumables, if you have questions, talk to our welding experts at (856) 500-2000 or contact us to ensure you get the right accessories for your needs.

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