Welding News

We’ve curated the best resources, trends, tips, & tricks from the world of welding.

We’ve curated the best resources, trends, tips, & tricks from the world of welding.

History of Welding

May 02 2024

Deep dive into the world of welding from ancient techniques to modern innovations like laser and friction stir welding. Learn how key figures and historical events shaped this vital craft, impacting industries from...

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Guide to Cold Welding

April 23 2024

Explore cold welding, a unique process that joins metals without heat. Learn its applications, advantages, and limitations, revealing a revolutionary metal bonding technique.

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Guide to Welding Positions

March 25 2024

This guide covers basic welding positions like flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead, as well as advanced positions like those used in pipe welding. Understand their applications, numerical designations, and techniques for optimal...

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Garage and Workshop Layout Guide

March 22 2024

Maximize efficiency in your garage or workshop with a thoughtful layout. Discover practical tips for optimizing your garage or workshop. Learn how to organize your space effectively for improved functionality and productivity.

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How To Prevent Porosity in Welding

January 17 2024

Understand the causes, types, and impact of porosity in welding, affecting structural integrity and strength. Learn practical tips and prevention strategies to produce high-quality, porosity-free welds.

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Buying Guides

MIG or TIG Welding: Choosing the Right Machine for Your Project

January 03 2024

Embarking on a welding project? Like any craftsman, a welder is only as good as their tools. And when it comes to choosing the right welding method, knowledge is your most powerful...

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How To Weld Stainless Steel

November 29 2023

Learn the basics of stainless steel welding with this comprehensive guide. Covering the distinctive characteristics of stainless steel grades, master essential welding techniques, and how to overcome common challenges, ensuring high-quality welds in various...

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The Role of Welding in Construction

November 08 2023

Welding is crucial in the construction industry, serving as a critical fabrication process in creating robust and secure structures. This process involves the fusion of materials, typically metals or thermoplastics, by utilizing...

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Introduction to Undercut in Welding

November 07 2023

Explore the world of welding and gain a solid understanding of undercut in this introductory guide. Discover its causes, risks, and how to prevent it. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, our...

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Tips & Tricks

12 Auto Body Welding Tips

November 01 2023

Welding combines two pieces of metal, creating a solid bond. This makes welding an ideal technique for returning damaged vehicles to like-new condition. Welding is perfect for collision repair — suitable for...

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