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Get PrimeWeld's industrial-grade argon welding gas delivered right to your door. Purchase an argon tank without worrying about costly rental fees or wasted trips out to your local welding supply shop. Our argon tanks are full and ready to use. With a 10-year date stamp, you'll never have to worry about your tank being turned away for a refill.

We offer both a 100% argon full welding tank for TIG welding and a 75% argon 25% CO2 full tank for MIG welding. Can't decide which tank to buy? Our customer service is standing by!

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Let's talk about argon gas tanks for welding from PrimeWeld! If you order online directly from us, you'll get your full tank delivered right to your door. Skip the costly rental fees with gas tank ownership instead. There are no deposits to put down, and you won't be locked into the same store for gas refills. 

100% Argon Gas Cylinder

This industrial-grade gas is ideal for TIG welding. 100% pure argon helps keep your welding arc controllable and stable. It is the best shielding gas to use with your TIG welder.

75% Argon 25% CO2 Gas Cylinder

This gas mixture is well suited for MIG welding. Because of CO2 gas's reactivity, it is the most popular blend for MIG welders.


Frequently Asked Questions about Argon Tanks

What gas is used for MIG welding?

The best type of gas to use for MIG welding is 75% Argon 25% CO2. Argon makes an excellent shielding gas for MIG welding.

What gas is used for TIG welding?

The best gas to use for TIG welding is 100% Argon. Argon is great for welding stainless steel and aluminum. It also works well when TIG welding carbon steel.

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