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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

All our welding accessories come with 3 years warranty from the shipping date and will be replaced by our team if it defects either. No further claim whatever is allowed, nor will the company be subject to any further liability owing to such substandard material.


It is our sole responsibility for damage or loss cases when the shipment is receipted for by mover. Products should be carefully analyzed before signing in the shipment receipt. The consumer should require the mover to make registration on the freight bill of any missing parts or damage and a purchaser can make claim against the carrier for the same.


The quality, quantity, and description of the products will be as specified in the vendor’s quotation and/or in any valid specification provided or suggested by the company to the vendor. Exact conformity of the products with the agreement is of the essence and the company will be permitted to refuse the acceptance of goods or cancel the contract. If the products lose their conformity, breaching of laws may occur.

Price and payment

The payable price for the products will be stated in the order itself. Charges may be added further in the end if the buyer has to pay packing and carrying charges, VAT or any related applicable sales tax. The price will be set in advance it is an unchanging one all through the contract.

The vendor may demand proof of purchase from the company for the products on or at any time after delivery of goods, or for the services on or at any time after performance citing the number of the order in every invoice and the company will pay off within one month of receipt of this invoice

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