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TIG200-D Inverter 200-Amp TIG Welder


The TIG200-D Inverter TIG Welder is compact and features dual voltage to easily switch from 110v to 220v. Order yours today and get a 3-year warranty.



This compact, dual-voltage, versatile TIG200-D Inverter 200-Amp TIG Welder offers the user a simple array of controls to accurately set the welder to perform under a wide variety of situations. It allows the user to easily switch from 220V to 110V with the included adapter plug and produces DC 200 amps for TIG and Stick welding. It is perfect for a professional or a weekend enthusiast who is looking to get industrial-quality features in a hardworking, affordable welder. Multiple Use Feature: can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, other color metal, and traditional electric welding. Its transfer efficiency is above 85 percent.

TIG200-D TIG Welder Features:

3-year warranty

7 days per week support in the USA

Rated Output: @220V TIG:17.6V/(10~190)A; MMA

Stick 28.4V/(30~185)A; Transfer efficiency above 85 percent. Input Voltage:110~220V AC, Dual Frequency ( 50Hz/60Hz )(Auto Detected No Switch is necessary).

Multi-Use: MMA Stick/TIG Function. Can weld stainless/carbon steel, copper, and other color metal.

Arcing Way: HF; Both HF start hand torch control and precise foot pedal welding heat control.

A 200A welding machine is considered as a long-term investment that produces top-quality welds, less splatter and mainly has a lower disposition rate. This 200A TIG welder/MIG welder is one of the main devices used in numerous metal fabrication industries. This 200A welding machine is a way to produce a fine cut in metals and it makes use of high heat to accomplish better accuracy. As these arc welding machines are handy, they can be used by many welders to slice metal when they work out on the field. Generally, you need a normal trim to connect two metal pieces and if you have a 200Amp welding machine/200A TIG welder right there, you will get the welding job done in a matter of minutes. 200A AC/DC TIG welders are designed for both manual and automatic operation. TIG welding torches are usually provided with handles for manual operations and cone without handles for automatic operation. TIG welding torches are available in two basic models:



200A TIG welders are usually rated by the current carrying capacity generally at a 100% duty cycle. TIG welder 200A is employed for top-notch welds in the mild steel for thickness up to 3 mm. This is the main reason why argon is used as the shielding gas. 200A MIG welders are portable and convenient and you take this unit to any place you want and have the cuts and welds. Multi-process units like 200A pedal inverters are totally revamped for greater convenience and portability. All these units (200A TIG/MIG/Pedal inverter) in unison help for spot repairs and quick-fix jobs. These units exist in six different amperage types, depends on the kind of welding. Remember, you will never get quality welds and cuts unless you have no proper welding machines and accessories.

At PrimeWeld, we have different types of welding machines that work best on arc welding and resistance welding. Dealing with one of our experts regarding the different types of welding machines can offer you better guidance. Our sole mission is to expand and be competitive in the welding market while maintaining the standard and quality of our products.