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CT-520DP 50A Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Combo


The CT-520DP Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Combo provides the combination of a TIG Welder, STICK Welder, and Plasma Cutter in one versatile machine. Order yours today.



Plasma cutters pierce metal rapidly and give you clean cuts irrespective of size. With the PrimeWeld CT-520DP 50A Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, you can cut almost any metal including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, cobalt, nickel alloys, copper magnesium, etc. You can even cut cast iron with the help of these plasma cutters and you will find innumerable advantages from it. You don't need to apply heat in prior, but it will cut the metal faster and produce precise cuts without affecting the rest of the metal surface and the warping percentage is very low.

An Excellent Combo For You!

As these plasma cutters come with a separate TIG welder, the plasma cutter will ensure that if one unit stops working, you can still have the needed cut with the help of a plasma cutter combo. PrimeWeld plasma cutters are specially formulated to fill the gap in cheap multipurpose units that do both cutting and welding. PrimeWeld CT-520DP 50A Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter will look after all your welding and cutting needs and save you more time and money. These portable plasma cutters provide you more flexible options and capabilities that will make most of the work and meet all of your requirements in cutting and welding.

With PrimeWeld plasma cutters, you can cut all sorts of metals up to half feet at 50 amperes function. As these multipurpose units come with soft-switching technology and full-bridge design, longer life of the unit is guaranteed and allows for stable arcs even at the lowest of temperatures. Our plasma cutters operate either at a fixed current or a fixed voltage and this does mean that you can carry out many different processes all at once. If you want more plasma cutter information, plasma cutter image, plasma cutter machines for sale, plasma cutter kit, plasma cutter ideas, then log in to PrimeWeld.com and get into the world of cutting and welding.

Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Plasma is extremely hot and it helps cut metals easily. It rapidly blows the workpiece that has melted away from the already made cut. And that is why plasma is used in pilot arc welding. It is totally insane to judge the efficiency of a plasma cutter machine just with its amperage. Though it is an important thing to consider, you should think more about total output power. The size and specifications of the plasma cutters vary according to the welding types. Pilot arc plasma cutters are a trending choice in the welding field as it is mainly designed to lessen the electronic interference during the cutting processes. Eventually, they provide a more stable pilot arc welding. As they don’t strike the metal piece during the start of the arc, the workpiece will have a longer consumable life.

The pilot arc method makes use of two cycles to produce plasma. Firstly, they use a low current and high voltage and give rise to a high-intensity spark. This actually happens inside the body of the 200A TIG torch and it generates a plasma gas called a pilot arc. In the meantime, there would be an electrical path built at the head portion of the TIG torch 200A. The pilot arc continues to hold back until it is directly connected to the workpiece. It also triggers a quick response to heat the main plasma arc for the cutting process. Remember, the arc is very hot at this juncture and a 200A TIG welder is just right to provide a consistent amperage setting.

Quality Welding Assured!

TIG 200A IGBT inverter technology is used in most of the plasma cutter machines in order to lessen the weight and dimensions of the primary transformer. The entire setup is so compact and portable and results in increased efficiency. If you opt for a high-frequency cycle mode, you can easily strike a spark without having to retrigger the TIG torch over and time again. This saves more of your power, thereby increasing the efficiency and the durability of the TIG torch. Michigan 50A plasma cutter features an automatic dual voltage or dual-frequency that helps the welder get a balanced supply all through the welding process. It is also powered IGBT inverter technology. Without much effort, the F2C 50A plasma cutter delivers a higher thickness of about ½ mm and the highest severance thickness of about ¾ mm at just a trivial time.

Are you looking for a pilot arc plasma cutter for sale online? We offer you 50A plasma cutters at reasonable prices. Check out our available pilot arc plasma cutter models, TIG welders, and MIG welders with performance specifications and unique features, and choose the one that fits into your budget and welding needs. Once you come to us, you are guaranteed a genuinely high-quality product for your hard-earned money.