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primeweld tig225x ac/dc tig welder foot pedal
ac/dc tig welder foot pedal

Foot Pedal for PrimeWeld TIG225X AC/DC TIG Welder

Compatible with PrimeWeld TIG225X welding machine, the foot pedal allows users to control the TIG torch by foot. Order online at PrimeWeld.



PrimeWeld TIG225X Foot Pedal

Compatible with the PrimeWeld TIG225x TIG/Stick Welder, this pedal lets you control the TIG torch current level by foot.

If you need the TIG foot pedal for plasma cutter TIG/Stick welder CT520D or CT520DP, you can find that welding foot pedal HERE.

Too Many Tasks, Not Enough Hands

TIG welding is probably the most demanding welding process to develop. That's because it takes dexterity and control like no other process. The most beautiful welds, highest quality, good pay, and bragging rights are worth the effort.

When you're TIG welding, you "need three hands."

  1. One hand runs the torch
  2. A hand for the filler rod
  3. You have to control the weld puddle heat by controlling the current level on the fly.

With a PrimeWeld adjustable TIG welding foot pedal, your foot controls the current level. No more reaching over to adjust the amps and hoping you don't turn the wrong knob or let the puddle cool too much.

A tig foot pedal lets you keep your filler rod at the puddle and control the heat with your foot. The result is a significant improvement in your work quality.

TIG Welding Mastery

A TIG welding foot pedal takes your mind off the manual movements to control the heat. With a little practice on a TIG foot pedal, settings changes become automatic. Without that extra motion to think about, you can concentrate on working the puddle.

Simple Design to Make Welding Easier

The infinitely adjustable Amps knob on the TIG foot pedal lets you set the current level limit where you want it.

Depress the welding foot pedal just a little, and the gas flow starts, and current level rises. With a bit more pressure, your high-frequency arc fires, and you're ready to start welding.

Change how far you press the welding foot pedal, and the heat level in the puddle goes up or down. Release the pedal to start the current downslope, and gas postflow begins.

Built for the Real World

PrimeWeld equipment is built for the shop. Dust, smoke, and debris are waiting in there. When you are dressed in bulky clothing with your helmet, gloves, and other gear on, it's easy to bump into stuff.

This TIG foot pedal is durable, with an easy to work rocker-type design, heavy rubber footing and seals, and industrial build quality. The 25-foot cord makes for no-stress working conditions.

Genuine PrimeWeld accessories are the best way to take advantage of superior performance.

Legendary PrimeWeld Support

PrimeWeld support features knowledgeable people who know our stuff and know about welding-real World assistance from real helpful people.

What's Included:

  • Foot Pedal for TIG225X
  • Connection Cable, 25 feet