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TIG Welding Foot Pedal for Plasma Cutter


Compatible with PrimeWeld CT520D and CT520DP plasma cutters, the foot pedal allows users to control the TIG torch by foot. Order online at PrimeWeld.



Buy accessories for welding at cheap and affordable prices. Often all welding accessories for beginners are offered at a lower price on sale. We have continuous supplies for welding accessories and hence you can buy accessories for welding machines and other welding equipment accessories from a list of accessories that we have. You can pick this Prime weld foot pedal for plasma cutter and welder at never seen before price. Top class product quality guaranteed. Now buy welding accessories from our sale offering. This foot pedal allows PrimeWeld users to control the TIG torch on Plasma cutter and welder combo machines CT520D and CT520DP by foot.

This foot pedal product currently has adjustable knobs. This foot pedal is only applicable for PrimeWeld multi-functional combo machines: CT520D and CT520DP. We are specialized welding accessories exporters with years of experience in welding and plasma cutting accessories. You can pick welding accessories online from our online store that sells the best welding accessories. This multipurpose PrimeWeld Foot Pedal for Plasma Cutter Welder with Amp Control 5 Pin for Plasma Cutter and Welder Combos CT520D CT520DP offers a variety of multiple welding and cutting functions. It is able to cut various types of metals with the plasma cutting functions and this unit is also portable and reliable for other processes.

If you are looking for a plasma cutter foot pedal, we have this PrimeWeld foot pedal with AMP control with 5 pins. You will find all welding machine and accessories, along with the welding accessories kit in a welding accessories box. This is a foot pedal for the PrimeWeld plasma cutter and welder combos CT520D CT520DP which adjusts amperage from 0200 amps and has 5 prong connections and has Foot control pedal for the plasma cutter. Use these consumables only with PrimeWeld machines.

Welding is a complicated process that requires concentration and precision. The comfort of the welding operator also plays a major role in the success of a TIG welding process. If the welding operator feels comfortable, it will result in better maneuverability and eventually lead to better productivity. During the TIG welding process, foot pedal welder is utilized and it helps improve operator comfort which will lead to better productivity at the end. The foot pedal comes with a better insulated lengthy cord assuring the safety of the user. These foot pedal TIG welders are considered as industrial workhorses with high-performance characteristics. These rugged and dependable foot pedal controls, designed in favor of comfort, provide a great value and are designed to last. It comes with a patented design that improves low-current welding at the same time providing superior precision arc control.

Design features and benefits

Heavy-duty foot control TIG welder

Secure footing that won’t easily face a trip

Welder combo CT520D

Accurate current and voltage adjustment with industrial resolution

Better low-current welding with a patented design

Lengthy cable with top quality connectors like 5 pin plug, 5 pin amp connector, 5 amp round pin plug adapter, 5 pin socket amp

Balanced spring force for a comfortable feel

TIG welding is a time-consuming and demanding process and the use of foot control in such cases helps relieve complications in the process.

Welder amp requirements are very low

This process is very easy to use and simple to understand.

You can easily control the current level with the foot pedal for welding accuracy

Highly durable design

Made to last long

It has a multi-machine function interface

Designed with industrial-grade specifications

Operation of the foot pedal welder

In order to activate the gas contractor, press the foot pedal gently and slowly increase the welding amperage. Once the current level is set, release the foot to turn off and activate the after-flow cycle. You can even change the amperage level during welding and delight in better control over TIG welding. At PrimeWeld, our excellently designed foot pedal for stick welder makes all the welding processes so smooth and accurate. In addition, all our products including CT520D 50 A plasma cutter, Welder combo CT520D, CT520D plasma /TIG/Stick, CT520D welding machine are designed under an ISO 9001 certified quality system. Shop through PrimeWeld and get your welding finely done.