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tig welding foot pedal

TIG Welding Foot Pedal for Plasma Cutter


Compatible with PrimeWeld CT520D and CT520DP plasma cutters, the foot pedal allows users to control the TIG torch by foot. Order online at PrimeWeld.



This 5-pin pedal is for the PrimeWeld Multi-Process Series:

  • CT520D
  • CT520DP

If you need a TIG welding pedal for the PrimeWeld TIG225X, you can find that welder foot pedal HERE.

Optimize Your Process with a Foot Pedal

TIG welding is considered one of the most challenging parts processes to master because it takes three hands…

  1. One for the torch
  2. One for the filler rod
  3. One to control the heat by adjusting the current as you go.

With a PrimeWeld adjustable TIG welder foot pedal, your foot controls the current level. With your heat settings solved, your welding quality improves because you only need two hands to do the work.

Master the TIG Process

With this TIG welder foot pedal, you'll be able to master the TIG process on our plasma cutter/TIG/Stick welding machines.

There's an infinitely adjustable Amps knob on the pedal that lets you set the highest current level you want to allow.

When you first depress the TIG welding pedal, the gas flow begins, and the current level starts rising. A little more pressure and you can strike your arc and start welding.

To control the weld puddle’s heat level, you just change the amount of pressure you're applying to the welder foot pedal. The heat level in the weld puddle increases and decreases as you vary the amount the pedal is depressed.

Once you release the pedal, the current downslope begins, and gas post flow starts.

Quality Construction for Real-World Conditions

PrimeWeld builds our equipment for the real world. The average DIY or pro metal shop environment is full of dust, debris, smoke, and temperature swings. When you've got a helmet, gloves, and other gear on, things get bumped—a LOT.

Our machines and accessories are designed and built for real welders burning heavy metal. This welder foot pedal features full metal construction, durable anti-skid rubber, and industrial build quality.

Always use genuine PrimeWeld accessories for the best performance.

Backed by Legendary PrimeWeld Support

When you call PrimeWeld, you talk to living people, not robots. We know our stuff, and we understand welding—real solutions from real people.


  • TIG/Plasma Foot Pedal, Metal Construction
  • Connecting Cable, 25 feet