How to TIG Weld Aluminum

TIG welding aluminum is a complicated procedure that requires skill and expertise. Beginner TIG welders might find it challenging to use this welding machine. Working while using the right technique and following the process is a sure way of getting positive results when welding aluminum.

Products made of aluminum are usually long-lasting and of high quality, but welding aluminum is quite tricky as mentioned earlier. According to research, TIG welding is the most appropriate method to use when dealing with aluminum; this is because the process generates high-quality devices. 

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Top 6 Aluminum TIG Welding Tips

Apart from having excellent TIG welder information, TIG welders need to follow and consider some factors when welding aluminum. Below are the top 6 tips for welders to follow:

1. Preheat the aluminum

Preheating should be regarded as depending on the type of aluminum. Aluminum with high density will require preheating, but less dense aluminum can be worked on without initial heating. Most TIG welders prefer preheating when working with aluminum since it is a sure way of getting quality results. Pre-warming is beneficial since it will enable the welding machine to make a smooth weld and an appropriate arc without destroying the metal.

2. Clean the tungsten electrode

Cleaning, especially of the tungsten electrode, should be done regularly. The electrode quickly gets contaminated, and working with it can bring out the faultiness of the equipment. In this case, the weld quality will be lowered. Cleaning the tungsten electrode is done by spreading it on a flat surface with the contaminated end at the edge of the surface. The infected part is then hammered off.

3. Use a heatsink

Heatsinks are used to absorb extra heat that would have otherwise been taken in by the aluminum sample destroying the sample. Heatsinks also inhibit the wrapping of Aluminum during welding. A copper or aluminum heat sink can be sued to prevent such occurrences.

4. Use an AC polarity

Aluminum easily forms an oxide layer that is not easily visible to the naked eye. TIG welders should be aware of this factor when welding aluminum. The oxide layer can be cleaned using a carbide cutter, but there are high chances that it will develop back once welding begins. The coating can prevent a TIG welder aluminum from seeing the weld puddle properly. It is, therefore, efficient to use an AC polarity; this is because the current flow direction keeps alternating. The AC polarity continuously eliminates the oxide layer allowing the welder to work correctly.

5. Set the appropriate balance control

The balance control should be set appropriately to ensure positive results when welding Aluminum. The welding machine using an AC polarity has both a positive and negative cycle. The negative side contains the AC while the negative side is where removal of the oxide layer takes place. It is, therefore, necessary to set the balance accordingly to work on the weld material without any hindrances. In some cases, the negative side will have to be lowered so that more cleaning of the oxide layer can be done especially for aluminum samples with a thick oxide layer.

6. Use the correct amperage

Using the correct amperage in a welding machine will go a long way in availing quality results. The correct amperage in a TIG welder aluminum will create an elegant and standard device. The voltage varies depending on the width of the aluminum sample at hand. Some samples require higher energy as compared to others.

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A welder should be equipped will the required TIG welder information when working with aluminum. Individuals working on aluminum need to be careful and patient. These two qualities are appropriate to obtain high standard equipment. Welding aluminum is, and any person should take into consideration the above tips if they are looking to get high-quality products.

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