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What TIG Torch Is Best For You?

Selecting the Best TIG Torch

TIG welding is the most commonly used type of welding across the welding industry. TIG welding is quite easy once you have all the equipment required. TIG welding uses several pieces of gear compared to other types of welding. A TIG welding machine and other consumables are among the list of tools required for welding to take place. A TIG torch is an essential tool that TIG welders should possess. In TIG welding an electric torch is used to pass current to the welding arc. An accelerator pedal or remote control can easily control the heat from the torch

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Tips when purchasing the right torch

Torches used in TIG come in different kinds. As a TIG welder, you should buy a TIG torch that best suits your needs. The following are a few tips to consider when purchasing a torch:

1. Examine your welding needs

A torch has to satisfy the outcome you would like to get out of the welding metal. For instance, you may wish to have smoother curves, more elegant edges, or would like to get a perfect design from the metal at hand. In this case, choosing a torch that will bring out the desired outcome should count.

2. Consider the voltage

Some torches work on high voltage while others work on low voltage. The energy to be used on a metal depends on the type of material at hand. You will notice that some alloys require higher voltage compared to others; therefore, you should select a torch depending on the material to be welded.

3. Type of material

When buying a torch, you should carefully look at the material used to make the torch. Some materials last longer compared to others. If you are considering purchasing a long-lasting torch, it is appropriate to go with a stronger and durable material for your torch.

Best torches to use in 2019

1. CK Worldwide CK20-25 Water Cooled Torch

Water cooled torches are more appropriate when working continuously since a TIG welder will not have to stop for the torch to cool down. The cooling system installed in this type of torch ensure that torch stays intact for an extended period. The CK Worldwide is excellent since it has a small head easy to work with, it is useful for time-consuming projects since it fits in the hand of the TIG welder perfectly.

2. CK TL26-12-RSF FX Torch SuperFlex

It is known to provide the best quality results when welding but is quite costly. It can be used for long lasting jobs even though it is air cooled. Most TIG welders will find it unnecessary to use it to the point that it will require cooling. It is best used in outdoor welding practices. In case, you are looking for quality and standard results; this is the best torch to buy.

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3. Welding City WP-17FV-12R Torch

Welding City comes with a variety of devices all simple to use. It is a valuable torch that you can have in your garage to help with household repairs. Any individual can easily use it, but you should know that it gets heated at a fast rate

4. Welding City TIG Welding Torch Head

This TIG welding machine is more appropriate for advanced TIG welders. Beginners will have a hard time making use of this type of torch.


The best TIG torch is one that compromises of parts that suit your welding needs. The power, the cooling system, the gas valve, and the use of the torch are among the factors to be carefully examined before selecting a torch. Different torches work under different conditions. For example, the gas valve and power are some things that vary from one torch to another.