The Benefits of Portable Welding Machines

In a world where people value convenience over many other things, contractors and businesses are continuing to find unique ways to meet customer demands. The typical welding machine was not created for mobility, but new portable welding machine options have changed the way pipefitters can operate on a daily basis.

Portable Welding

Portable Welding Machines

The idea of portable welding machines is not exactly new, as a lighter weight MIG welder was actually designed with a handle so it could be moved on location when needed. When a continuously feeding wire process is needed to strengthen steel rods or support straining joints, the MIG welder is a useful tool. What started out as an industrial design idea quickly caught on to other independent welders who saw the value of such mobile welding units.

The long welding rods used by TIG welders is a precise approach to close up work that requires a steady hand and strong support network. Both the MIG welder and the TIG welders are useful in various circumstances, and the outcome or production output is essentially the same. The overall goal is to connect the metals or strengthen existing connections. Both of these portable welding machine options require gas and electric sources to operate at peak efficiency.

Portable Plasma Cutters

Experts in the welding and pipefitting arenas are well versed in the requirements of the MIG welder, and how it can be used in conjunction with the TIG welders and a plasma cutter when necessary. A plasma cutter is a relatively new option for portable welding units but continues to grow in popularity. It is very similar to other forms of arc welding in that it cuts through or heats up materials to be bonded or separated through the use of high heat. Rather than just relying on high temperatures like the TIG welders, a plasma cutter actually releases a stream of plasma to the impacted area. This process is very precise, but like other portable welders, accuracy, and efficiency largely depend on the brand and on the person operating the welding unit.

General Welding Safety Practices

Whichever welding machine is used, experienced welders will certainly observe all practical safety precautions necessary to keep their environment safe. Personal protective gear should be worn at all times and is not limited to a safety mask. Likewise, the surrounding area should be protected with tarps or other covers to avoid unwanted sparks, burn marks, and odor absorption. Finally, the general area should be clear of people and objects that are not vital to the operation. This will avoid any potential accidents from flareups or welding arcs that have a higher than average range.

welding safety

Portable Welding Projects

The benefits of portable welding units are far-reaching and are continuing to expand each year. This allows room for experienced staff to pick up side jobs and freelancing work that was previously unavailable. Industrial and institutional needs for welding projects occur nearly every day of the week and are often requested to be performed during off-peak business hours. Agricultural and automotive needs for portable welding expertise are also available everywhere from the auto mechanic shop to the farm with a broken combine, thresher, or tractor. Those certified and experienced in the welding industry are able to create their own schedules and support their growing business through portable welding projects.

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