5 Easy Welding Art Projects to Do at Home

Welding is an excellent career and a great way to make a living, but it isn't only for professionals working in the manufacturing industry. Welding art projects can be a fun and relaxing hobby for those who enjoy repairing things or working with their hands.. In addition, making scrap metal art can help new welders boost their knowledge and techniques while developing skills that could lead to a lucrative career in the future.

Here are five easy welding art projects that will sharpen your welding skills, satisfy your creative side, and maybe even generate some cash from selling your artistic creations:

1.   The Spoon Flower

metal spoon flower welding art project

Image from instructables.com

Add some shine to a country flower bed or an urban garden with this easy-to-make and inexpensive metal sculpture. The total material cost is under $5!

Materials needed:

  • (8) Large stainless steel soup spoons and (2) forks
  • Stainless ladle scoop
  • ½" diameter metal bar about 24" long

Tools needed:

Preparing the steel:

Remove the handle from the ladle. Then place a pair of spoons opposite each other under the scoop, leaving some length of handle outside the ladle's edge. Remove the ladle and mark the center of the handles. Mark all the spoons to the same length and saw them.

You're ready to weld. Check out the welding instructions here.

2. Welded Portraits

welded portraits welding art project

Image from instructables.com

Here is an excellent idea for honoring a loved one (think Father's Day!)—an easy welding art portrait as a way of thanking them for all they have contributed to your life. All it takes is a piece of low-carbon steel (minimum 1/8" thick), approximately 4" x 8" or whatever dimensions you choose. You'll need a TIG welder and some basic skills in the welding method. Here are the steps:

Transferring the image:

Start by tracing the primary lines of the individual's image using oil pastels. Then, clean the metal with sandpaper. Flip the paper over onto the metal, and rub the back of it using sandpaper or scotchbrite. Using a Sharpie, trace over the pastel lines so you can see them through your welding lens.

TIG welding is recommended:

TIG welding is the best method for these portraits because it offers the most control. With the torch in one hand and filler rod in the other, follow the picture's outline.

TIG welding adds an impressive discoloration to the portrait where it is heated. You can also achieve a shading effect by holding the torch a few inches above the portrait, which heats the metal without melting it.
While most of the details are completed with filler metal, you can also create subtle details like teeth and dimples without filler. You can change the bead length by increasing the heat and adding more filler for the more significant details, such as hair or eyeglasses.

3. Horseshoe Dutch Oven Holder

horseshoe dutch oven holder metal art project

Image from instructables.com

This creation might not be classified as "art" since it has a practical application, but this Dutch oven holder will be a conversation piece among your friends and family. When you place it on your table and set the oven on it, everyone will be impressed.

Even better, the horseshoe holder is relatively easy to fabricate with minimal expenditure on materials.

Materials needed:

Tools needed:

  • Welding machine
  • Metal cutting saw
  • Wire cup brush
  • Grinder
  • Narrow hammer
  • Steel brush
  • Clamps

Preparing the materials:

Start by removing any nails and rust from the horseshoes. If the nails are sticking out, use pliers to break them off or a grinder to grind them off. Next, put each horseshoe in a vise and remove any rust with the wire cup brush.

You're now ready to weld. See the welding and finishing instructions here.

4. Floating Chain Wine Bottle Holder

chain wine bottle opener welding art project

Image from instructables.com

Here is another unique gift idea with both artistic and practical value: a floating chain wine bottle holder. Not only is this a wonderful gift, but creating it yourself makes it something special while helping you to improve your welding skills.

Materials needed:

  • Approximately 3 ½ feet of steel chain (not galvanized) with 1 ¼" long links
  • Spray paint and clear coat
  • An empty wine bottle
  • A portable welder

Welding the base:

Using a jar lid for a guide, position about 17.5" of chain (14 links) into a circle and weld the links together.

Welding the vertical stem:

Drape the chain over an empty paint can (see below) or some other object so that part of the chain is almost perpendicular to the base. Offset the chain about 10 degrees, so it's not perpendicular to the base. Then weld 7.5" (6 links) of vertical chain together, paying particular attention to the bottom link. Welding the bottom link at a slight angle will give the stem a more curved look.

welding the chain wine bottle holder stem

Image from instructables.com

Welding the neck hole:

Create a 1 ½" diameter circle at the top of the vertical stem and weld the circle. With the empty wine bottle, confirm that the bottle holder works. Wrap the excess chain around the bottle and weld it as well.

Cleaning and painting:

Clean the welded chain, add two coats of spray paint, followed by two coats of clear coat.

5. Scrap Metal Art Doorbell

scrap metal doorbell welding art project

Image from instructables.com

There's a good chance you've never considered repurposing an old argon cylinder. Well, here is your opportunity. Ensure the small cylinder you choose never contained flammable gas and that all the pressure has been released.
In addition to the cylinder, you'll need a steel rod 5/16" diameter x 32" long and a steel plate about 4" x 6" x 1/8" thick.

Tools needed:

  • Welder
  • Angle grinder with flap and cutting discs
  • Hand drill and bits

Preparing the materials:

Cut the valve off first and then cut the cylinder in half.

Remove all paint with the angle grinder and drill a 5/16" hole in the center for the rod.

Cut and bend one 18" piece of the rod as shown below. This rod will attach the bell to the steel plate for mounting to the wall.

scrap metal doorbell parts

Image from instructables.com

Cut another 9" long piece for the single clapper and a short piece for the hanger.

Drill four mounting holes in the plate and clean it with a flap disc.
Weld the pieces together and give the bell a final coating of an anti-corrosive.

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