How to Get Great Aluminum Welding Results

Aluminum is one of the popular metals to use for welding because of its excellent properties like thin nature, lightweight, strong and hard-wearing capacity. Aluminum has a melting point of nearly 1220ºF (660ºC) and it is the best conductor of both heat and electricity. Moreover, this metal can be easily alloyed with other metals too and it will make the metal even stronger and more durable.

Aluminum workpieces contain lead and copper additives that don’t make way for easier welding and often produce cracks during welding. But the workpieces made from these sorts of aluminum are straightforward to weld.

Aluminum Welding Methods

You can incorporate two types of aluminum welding methods in your process and they are:

  1. TIG welding aluminum
  2. MIG welding aluminum

TIG Welding Aluminum

TIG welding aluminum is employed when you require high-quality surface finishes. This method is also utilized during repairing castings and welding pipes. This kind of welding is also called as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. This method makes use of a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create the weld. The power source required is a constant current.

MIG Welding Aluminum

MIG welding aluminum is quite enhanced and appropriate for welding thicker aluminum workpieces. Also, the process is very fast and suitable for getting extensive and non-stop welds. The method requires very low heat and you will find less deformation in the welding portion. This process is actually a subtype of gas metal arc welding.

Plasma Cutting Aluminum

Plasma cutting aluminum can create perfect welds. By using such a cutter, you can keep the surface of the metal outside the welding area moderately cool. Also, it helps prevent the distortion or paint damage that usually comes with flame cutters. Plasma cutters accurately and quickly weld aluminum workpieces together.

How to Achieve the Best Aluminum Welding Results

  • Firstly, for any sort of job, safety is the main concern and the welder should know how to weld in a safe manner. There should not be any damage to the welder as well as the welding workpiece.
  • Unlike other processes, welding requires more care and concentration. A concentrated person alone can do the weld right.
  • The welder should be capable of handling the high temperatures, pressures, and stress associated with the welding process.
  • This kind of welding needs special care. Aluminum welding gives rise to many imperfections in the weld area and the welder has to brush that away with a steel brush. Often, he will be required to do this and he should be careful in handling the steel brush.

From the above discussion, it is clear that MIG welding is an excellent welding option and can cut thicker aluminum pieces rapidly. The most recent aluminum welding process makes use of a pulse arc welding joint with a MIG procedure to create better effects when compared to common methods. Today with the availability of multi-process welders, you can get the finest aluminum cuts. If you opt to do welding, choose the best welding accessories suppliers in the US and then proceed further.

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