How to Choose the Right TIG Welder in 2022

It looks like we’re in for another year of working on our welding projects at home, so it might be the right time for you to finally purchase that TIG welder you’ve had your eye on. Before you pull the trigger on that big buy, let’s make sure you know what to look for when picking the right TIG welder for you in 2022.

Here are the top 5 factors to consider when purchasing a TIG welder in 2022:

  1. Portability
  2. Pulse Welding
  3. Water-Cooled Torch vs. Air-Cooled Torch
  4. Foot Pedal
  5. Frequency Settings

1. How Important is Portability?

Some TIG welders are surprisingly light, so they have an added advantage of portability. This is certainly something to consider if you’re welding professionally and need to move easily from one job site to another. For example, our TIG200-D TIG Welder weighs just 22.9 lbs!

portable tig welder

On the other hand, if you’re looking to simply keep your machine in your garage or shed, then you could likely overlook that consideration and get a more robust machine at a similar price point.

You’ll want to check out the specs for each machine to identify the ideal power output and duty cycle for your application. Keep in mind that these larger units can weigh up to 100 pounds, so if you need to move your machine, you’ll want to call a buddy over to help!

2. Do You Need a Pulse Feature?

Welding technology in 2022 just keeps getting better and better, and those advancements are reflected well in machines with a pulse feature. Pulse welding allows for better control over the weld puddle, therefore, a welder using a machine with a pulse is able to use it on thin metals or stiff joints that can rust or burn when subjected to extreme heat. The higher the pulse rate, the stronger their well will be.

pulse tig weld

Additionally, with a higher pulsing rate, welders will have less extra metal to remove and can travel faster on the weld. This combination will result in a clean weld, and who doesn’t want that? Save on both time and material when you use a TIG welder with a pulse. It's no coincidence that our best-selling TIG welder, the TIG225X has a pulse!

3. Should You Get a Water-Cooled Torch or an Air-Cooled Torch?

Let’s start with the differences between the two torches. Water-cooled TIG welding torches have a smaller head. This allows welders to make welds fine even in tighter spots compared to air-cooled torches, which will need to have a larger head to allow a welder to weld for any length of time. A water-cooled torch also helps spare the operator from the extreme heat generated from industrial projects, which an air-cooled torch simply can’t handle.

water cooled tig torch

Air-cooled torches, on the other hand, can be ideal for welding scenarios in which you’re in a remote spot or you simply can’t access water.

4. Do You Need A Foot Pedal?

All TIG welding machines need a reliable TIG foot pedal that the operator feels comfortable using. A foot pedal controls the power usage of the machine. Many operators complain about foot fatigue if the pedal slopes at a high angle.

tig welder foot pedal

Ensuring that you are comfortable and your foot pedal is responsive is going to be essential for welding well and enjoyably.

5. What Frequency Settings Do You Need?

A higher frequency setting lets a TIG welder control the welding arc and maximize its output. Look at the specs of the machine you’re interested in to get a better idea of what it’s capable of and, therefore, what kind of welds you’ll be able to achieve.

While you’re looking into the specs, you may also want to consider how interested you are in a machine’s versatility and if there are any extra features that you’d like. For example, some welding machines have both plasma cutting and stick welding capabilities. Just imagine the possibilities that will be at your fingertips and the range of potential projects you’ll be able to master if you pull the trigger on a machine that can do it all! We’re excited to see what you create! Happy welding!

We have to admit. We’re biased about our own collection of TIG welding machines. But we’re not alone in our high opinions! Check out our best-selling line of TIG welders and the reviews from our thousands of customers who love them!

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