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plasma cutter electrode, nozzle, and shield cups

Plasma Cutter Electrode, Nozzle, & Shield Cup


Buy this 30-piece set of plasma cutter electrode, shield cup, & nozzle for CUT50, CUT50DP, CT520, and CT520DP. Order welding accessories online at PrimeWeld.



This product is a 30-piece set specifically for PrimeWeld CUT50, CUT50P, CT520, and CT520DP welding machines. It includes 10 nozzles, 10 electrodes, and 10 shield cups as a part of a 30 piece set, and each of them is slotted. We ensure that these consumables are all made of high-quality finishing.

We recommend using these consumables only with PrimeWeld machines for best and most effective results.

Plasma cutting is a process that involves the use of a high-velocity jet of ionized gases forced to go through a constricting orifice. These gases work together to heat the workpiece and melt the material completely as it conducts electricity from the cut 50 plasma cutter torch. This is one of the most versatile cutting processes that can be performed on a range of conductive metals like mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. The main gases used in plasma cutting technology are air, argon, oxygen, and nitrogen. When you pass the plasma at a higher speed through a plasma cutting electrode nozzle, it will cause electricity that lets the arc discharge to transfer directly to the workpiece.

CUT50DP plasma cutters make use of a pilot arc between the nozzle and electrode to ionize the gases and then generate plasma before the pilot arc transfer. CT520DP pilot arc type uses a two-cycle approach where a low current and high voltage circuit creates a tiny high-intensity flash within the cut 50 plasma cutter torch, which in turn generates plasma. The process of operating a cut 50 plasma cutter machine and CT520 welder is so simple. But it is always good to choose the right equipment to best match an application that is important here. Based on the properties of the cutting flame CUT50 plasma cutter machines come mainly in two types:

Conventional – This is quite slower and produces more kerf and bevel.

Precision – This is a superior cutting system and costs a little more.

We stock excellent plasma cutter machines and plasma cutter parts that excellently fit and offer high-quality and efficient cutting performance. Before operating the plasma cutters, throw a glance at CT520 welder manual and CUT50 plasma cutter tips, get to know the operating process clearly, and then proceed.