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CUT50D 50A Air Inverter Portable Plasma Cutter


The Premium & Rugged 50-Amp Air Inverter Portable Plasma Cutter features dual voltage capabilities of 110v to 220v. Order yours from PrimeWeld today.



Metals are usually heavier and need special equipment to get it cut with utmost precision. Thanks to the advancement in technology, now it is extremely easy to cut metal with the help of a portable plasma cutter. In the earlier days, metal was cut using traditional welding torch and now it has been replaced by the premium and rugged CUT50D 50A Air Inverter Portable Plasma Cutter.

CUT50D Portable Plasma Cutter Components

Power source and a cable

Plasma cutting torch

Work clamp along with cable

Air compressor

Air filter (usually long)

Air hose connections long

How Does a Plasma Cutter Work?

In order to create plasma, these plasma cutters make use of electricity and inert gases. Plasma cutting equipment is installed at the first stage to form an electric circuit with the metal that is being cut. Once the end of the plasma cutting torch touches the metal, an electric circuit is formed and a spark will flash via the projecting spout of the torch and this spark will head towards the negative electrode in the handle of the cutting torch and collides with the inert gases that are flowing in a faster way.

At the time these gases merge with electricity, it will be heated to a higher degree and it will become plasma. This plasma will then rise and move out of the nozzle and gradually to the metal surface that you wish to cut. The tiny nozzle helps accelerate the speed and all the factors including speed, temperature, and focus of plasma make the plasma cutter work effectively like a laser.

Plasma Cutter Information

Have one thing in mind, the surface that is being cut alone is under plasma cutter air pressure and the remaining surface will be kept relatively cool and this helps prevent any physical damage or paint damage that usually comes with flame cutters. One more advantage is plasma cutters don't depend on flammable gases and it avoids such accidental damages and pierces metal precisely. These days, plasma cutters have an inverter to the conventional transformers as this will maintain the temperature of the plasma cutter ensuring a safer process all through the way.

PrimeWeld Portable Plasma Cutter – Simplifies Your Tougher Job!

Using our PrimeWeld premium and rugged 50A air inverter plasma cutter is extremely easy to use and you will get freedom cuts to the metal when you guide the cutter right. We are one of the leading plasma cutter manufacturers and our best cheap plasma cutters provide you excellence in its performance, usually consume low energy, and require very little maintenance. All our plasma cutter accessories are made and developed with top-notch materials and advanced inverter technology. Our plasma cutters on sale are available on many different specifications in accordance with the requirement of the client. You can also get hold of used plasma cutters and that too will work effectively. Nowadays, lots of artisans use our small plasma cutters because of the detailed and fine cuts provided by it easily onto the metal surface. Our plasma cutters are just right for all kinds of metalwork jobs of varied sizes and shapes. Pick one of our plasma cutters and get the needed cut straightaway!

PrimeWeld – The right choice for your welding needs!

Plasma cutting is a fast-growing process that is continuously gaining in popularity for its efficient process and excellent results. These days, plasma cutters are made by incorporating the newest and fantastic technologies to it. One such piece of welding equipment is the 50A plasma cutter/50A air inverter. This cutter is extremely powerful in whatever welding ways we want it to be. This makes use of plasma beams that have commanding characteristic features. It is heated up further and then used for the purpose of cutting and welding in many different industries.

The cuts and welds made by CUT50D inverter air plasma cutters are extraordinarily substantial all the time. These DC inverter air plasma cutters are accurate metal cutting machines. If you are looking for a plasma cutting machine for your industry, then it is good for you to buy plasma cutters that comfort the most excellent value for all your metal cutting and welding needs. This plasma cutter is a user-friendly industrial tool to cut in steel and many other electro-conductive metals. Remember, proper welds are extremely important because, without the right welds, the end product will suffer quality and life. So, it is important to invest in an F2C 50A plasma cutter and have the right cuts.

It is a known fact that lots of manufacturing industries depend upon top-notch welders to make sturdy metals. These industries want the end product to be robust and well built too. The beauty of the CUT50D inverter air portable plasma cutter lies here. With this unit, you will get a clean and clear-cutting and the metal direct adjacent to the metal will not be damaged or harmed anyway. And nothing more, these plasma cutting units should be taken great care of and inspected at regular intervals. It needs replacement if needed. This sort of proper maintenance will keep your air inverter plasma cutter in a good condition and eventually giving you better cuts and welds. You will also have the extended lifetime of this unit if you maintain it properly.

Are you in the market for an effective plasma cutter for your industrial needs? Simply check out 110 plasma cutter reviews and decide for yourself. With the top-notch F2C 50A plasma cutter from PrimeWeld, you will ultimately have a precise, dependable, and lucrative welding unit that will last for a lifetime.