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mig140 flux core mig welder front panel

MIG140 140-Amp Flux Core MIG Welder


The MIG140 Flux Core MIG Welder features 140 amps that can boast industrial quality and performance at a very affordable price. Order yours today from PrimeWeld.



Our compact, affordable MIG140 140-Amp Flux Core MIG Welder gives you enough on-demand power to weld steel up to 3/16-inch thick on household current. PrimeWeld builds them to last, and this 110v MIG welder is equally at home in your garage or at the worksite. 

This flux core welder is lightweight, convenient 23 pounds, and easy to carry. You can easily store and transport this little flux core welder because of its small footprint.

Flux Core MIG Welder Mobility

The best thing about a 110v MIG welder is that you can weld anywhere there’s standard household current available. The PrimeWeld MIG140 also runs as a flux core welder when you don’t have or don’t want to run shielding gas. Not everyone has the room to store a giant cylinder of CO2, a cart to secure it, or a way to transport it conveniently.

An additional advantage that flux core MIG welder has over gas MIG: It performs better when you have to weld outside with a breeze. MIG shielding gas tends to blow away from the arc in those conditions. The flux core welder’s wire is hollow and filled with flux material. The flux evaporates into the gas as the wire melts, enveloping the weld to keep oxygen out.

Versatile and Durable

The average gas shielded welding process works great inside the shop to produce superior welds. The MIG140 110v MIG welder comes with a flow meter and all hookups to get up and running fast. It mounts either 2-pound or 10-pound spools of wire and can feed .025"-.030" solid wire for MIG welding and 030"-.035" flux-filled wire as a flux core welder.

Every PrimeWeld MIG140 is built from the ground up to take workshop conditions in stride. We know you need your tools to last and keep up with your work pace. PrimeWeld believes our MIG140 140-Amp Flux Core MIG Welder should work as hard as you do. That’s why we don’t hesitate to back this machine with our No-Hassle 3-YEAR Warranty

PrimeWeld Welding Machines have LEGENDARY Support!

Our Support Staff quickly connects you with our customer service team of real people. They know their stuff, give good advice and understand what goes on in a workshop. Let PrimeWeld step you through any issue you might have along the way.