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CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v 60-Amp Plasma Cutter


The CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v Plasma Cutter comes with a PT60 blowback cutting torch with Euro Central Connection. Get a 3-year warranty when you order from PrimeWeld.



The CUT60 Dual Voltage Torch 110v/220v 60 Amp Plasma Cutter is backed by PrimeWeld's famous 3-year warranty and 7 days day per week customer support based in the USA. The PrimeWeld CUT60 is a new, modern, and versatile plasma cutter built to last. This unit comes with a PT60 blowback cutting torch with Euro central connection.

CUT60 110v/220v 60 Amp Plasma Cutter Features

3-year warranty

7 days per week customer support in the USA

PT60 blowback cutting torch with Euro Central Connection

Blow-back start technology

Pilot Arc

60% duty cycle at 60-amps, 110/220 with adapter

Continuous pilot arc enables you to cut expanded, rusted, or painted metals

Do you have large volumes of welding work? Then, opting for a CUT60 Plasma Cutter is a sensible move. These plasma cutters come at nominal prices that make it much more desired by everyone for their welding needs. The smaller size of the machine makes it portable to take to any place and location easily. The main advantage of having a CUT60 Inverter Plasma Cutter are top-notch cuts, fast turnaround time, and ease of operation. PT60 torches are the right machines to have good control over the work and are specifically designed for producing fine-quality cuts. With advancements in technology, these 110v/220v plasma cutters are available at comfortable and portable sizes.

The welding industry is now equipped with many more modern tools like PT60 torch, PT60 plasma welding machine, 110v/220v plasma cutter, 110v 220v converter, etc. These CUT60 welding machines are designed to cut any sorts of steel and stainless materials, and it is extremely easy to fix any welding issues. Today there are many varieties of cutters used for cutting electrically conductive metals easily and quickly. Technological advancements have changed the cutting features of these welding tools, giving rise to accurate edges. These welding machines consume comparatively less power.

CUT60 110v/220v Plasma Cutter Benefits


Accuracy is one of the greatest advantages of using this plasma cutting machine. These plasma cutters are mostly used in CNC machines that guarantee accuracy and fine cutting edges. As these CUT60 plasma cutters are controlled mainly by computers, there is no possibility of imprecise cutting.

User-Friendly Operation

These plasma cutters are user-friendly machines that don’t require any special skill or experience from you. But on the other hand, you should handle the device carefully to avoid unforeseen accidents.

Low Power Consumption

When compared to other similar plasma cutting machines, these tools consume less power and work efficiently.


This machine is very lightweight which makes it very portable. This is also considered to be one of the ideal cutting devices that can be easily attached to generators and welding machines easily.

CUT60 110v/220v Plasma Cutters are extremely versatile pieces that can be used for a range of cutting processes and extensively used by welders to create artistic patterns on the surface of the metals. These plasma cutters are also used in the production of metal pieces. These cutters, when attached to machines, improve the accuracy and speed of the welding machine. Unlike traditional manual cutters, these plasma cutting machines help achieve precision as it exactly cuts the edges of the metals efficiently. On using these cutters, you will be guaranteed to have exact cuts and fine edges.

If you are looking for one plasma cutter, then look no further than PrimeWeld as we have different kinds of plasma cutters for various cutting needs at nominal prices. Call us today, buy one of the best machines out there, and have quality cuts!