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CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v 60-Amp Plasma Cutter

The CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v Plasma Cutter comes with a PT60 blowback cutting torch. Get a 3-year warranty when you order from PrimeWeld.

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CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v 60-Amp Plasma Cutter

The CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v Plasma Cutter comes with a PT60 blowback cutting torch. Get a 3-year warranty when you order from PrimeWeld.

In Stock Ships Today. 


  • Overview
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • What’s included
  • How to Use

Overview plus

PrimeWeld’s CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v 60 Amp Plasma Cutter brings plenty of fabrication power to your shop. The 60 amp max rating cuts steel up to 7/8-inch thick. At 20 amps output, this plasma cutter will cut as thin as 22 gauge sheet metal. Like every PrimeWeld welding machine, we built the CUT60 Plasma Cutter to withstand the tough conditions found in real-world workplaces.

Dual-Voltage Input Makes It Useful at Home or Job

This plasma cutting machine features dual-voltage input with both 120-volt and 240-volt input power. It comes with a standard 3-pole 240 power cord and an adapter to plug into 120 volts. It has go-anywhere convenience that lets you tackle really tough cutting jobs, whether you have commercial power or want to plug it in at home.

Powerful and Ready for CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

The PrimeWeld CUT60 110v 220v Plasma Cutter is excellent for CNC use. Plasma cutters that start the arc with blow back technology can interfere with digital electronics such as computers and cell phones, meaning welders can’t use them with a computer-controlled CNC plasma cutting table. This 60 amp plasma cutter solves that problem with a blowback pilot torch.

Blowback torches use a buildup of air pressure against the material surface. That pressure forces the electrode backward into the torch when you pull the trigger, firing the torch arc. You can also drag start this torch by touching it to the cutting surface and literally dragging the torch. Use affordable, powerful, and high-quality 60 amp plasma cutter for production runs of precision-cut parts and for complex artwork.

Continuous Pilot Arc for Mesh or Perforated Steel

The PrimeWeld CUT60 Plasma Cutter also offers a continuous pilot arc, cutting material like grating, mesh steel, and expanded metal with ease. When the arc is in open spaces in the metal, the torch stops cutting until it reaches another solid place, then restrikes the cutting arc.

Support by PrimeWeld’s LEGENDARY Customer Service

We connect you with real people who provide great advice and are easy to contact. They know how to troubleshoot every PrimeWeld model for optimum performance.

Features plus

60-Amp Plasma Cutter Features:

  • Dual 120/240-volts input
  • MOSFET Inverter-powered
  • Blowback Pilot Torch
  • CNC compatible
  • No-touch arc starting
  • Unpack and start cutting


  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Power spike protection


  • Blow Back  arc start
  • Air Supply Post Flow timer
  • Drag Start capability
  • Continuous Pilot Arc


  • Euro Central connector
  • Front Panel air pressure gauge
  • Digital Power Display
  • 2T/4T Torch Trigger Lock

Specifications plus


Breaker size:

  • (120V) 30 amps
  • (240V) 50 amps

Plasma Output in Amps:

  • Arc 120 volts: 20-30 amps
  • Arc 240 volts: 20-60 amps

Duty Cycle:

  • 60 percent @ max rating (120/240V)
  • 100 percent @ 23 amps (120V)
  • 100 percent @ 46 amps (240V)

Air Pressure:

  • 40-75 PSI

Airflow Required:

  • 5 CFM @ 80 PSI

Air Postflow:

  • 0 to 60 seconds


  • 34 pounds

Specifications Table

Parameter CUT60
Inverter type


Input voltage 1 phase AC, 110V +/- 15% 1 Phase AC, 220V +/- 15%
Input frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz

Input connector type

Pre-wired for NEMA 6-50P

*adapter provided for

NEMA 6-50 to NEMA 5-15

(for 220V or 110V operations)

5-15P NEMA

*See note

6-50P NEMA
Rated input current



Rated output voltage



Rated output current



No-Load voltage 255V
Arcing start mode Non HF style non contact start
Duty cycle

60% @ 30 A/92 V

100% @ 23A/89.3 V

60% @ 60 A/104V

100% @ 46 A/98.4V

Recommended operating air pressure 55-75 psi
Nozzle inside hole (mm) 1.1mm
Cutting thickness

1/3" (8mm)

4/5" (20mm)

CNC port yes
2T/4T yes
Air post flow timer

0-60s adjustable

Set air yes
Efficiency >=80%
Power factor 0.73
Insulation grade F
Ingress protection rating (IP) IP21
Weight 15.20 kg / 33.51 lbs
Overall dimensions 520 x 265 x 420 mm / 20.47 x 10.43 x 16.54 inches

What’s included plus

CUT60 Dual Voltage 60-Amp Plasma Cutter Comes With:

  • Ground Clamp with 12 feet cable
  • 220v to 110v power adapter
  • Hand-hold mask and hammer brush
  • CNC Plug
  • Cutting torch IPT60
  • User manual

How to Use plus

How to Use

Turn the power switch to the “on” position. At this time, the indicator light will be ON showing the unit is powered on.

  1. Press the front panel switch to SET AIR position. There will be constant air flow. Adjust the air (gas) pressure and set to between 55 to 75 psi. Please refer to the air pressure setting in the manual on page 24.
  2. Press the torch trigger and you should have a plasma arc from the tip. Caution: the plasma arc can cause extreme burns. Keep tip away from your body at all times.
  3. Set the amps to your required cutting thickness.
  4. Keep tip approximately ⅛” from the workpiece and move the tip as you see the cutting arc below the workpiece showing you that the cut is completely through the metal. Move the torch in a smooth continuous motion for best cutting results.
  5. Recommended compressor capacity 5cfm @ 80 psi, 20 gallon tank.
  6. 2T/4T SWITCH:
    2T - press this button on the cutting torch to start the metal cutting process. Release this button to end this process.
    4T - press this button on the cutting torch to start the metal cutting process. Releasing this button does not end this process. Press and release this button again to end the metal cutting process.

Operation Environment

  • The plasma cutter can perform in temperatures between -10 and +40 degrees centigrade with a maximum dampness level of 80%.
  • Avoid operating with the sun directly on the unit as this will increase the inside temperature and decrease the duty cycle.
  • Keep the machine dry and stored or use in a dry location out of the elements.
  • Do not use the plasma cutter in environments that have a high concentration of dust or corrosive gas in the air.

Cutting Notes

  1. When cutting thinner material, up to 2 to 3 mm, you can drag tip the torch and the cutting tip can touch the material as you cut. For thicker materials, it is recommended that a distance of 3 mm (1/16” to ⅛”) distance be kept from the cutting surface. This not only gives better consumable life, but it also increases the cut quality.
  2. The workpiece clamp or grounding clamp must be placed on a clean section of the metal, as close as possible to the cutting area in order to have a good ground and maximum efficiency. If the ground is bad, problems will arise with poor cutting quality and loss of cutting arc.

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