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60 amp plasma cutter front panel
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CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v 60-Amp Plasma Cutter


The CUT60 Dual Voltage 110v/220v Plasma Cutter comes with a PT60 blowback cutting torch with Euro Central Connection. Get a 3-year warranty when you order from PrimeWeld.



PrimeWeld’s Dual Voltage 110v/220v 60 Amp Plasma Cutter brings plenty of fabrication power to your shop. The 60 amp max rating cuts steel up to 7/8-inch thick. The bottom end at 20 amps output will cut as thin as 22 gauge sheet metal. Like every PrimeWeld machine, we build the cut 60 plasma cutter to withstand the tough conditions found in real-world workplaces.

Dual-Voltage Input Makes It Useful at Home or Job

This machine features dual-voltage input with both 120-volt and 240-volt input power. It comes with a standard 3-pole 240 power cord and an adapter to plug into 120 volts. It has go-anywhere convenience that lets you tackle really tough cutting jobs, whether you have commercial power or want to plug it in at home.

Powerful and Ready for CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

The PrimeWeld CUT60 110v 220v Plasma Cutter is excellent for CNC use. Plasma cutters that start the arc with high-frequency technology can interfere with digital electronics such as computers and cell phones, meaning welders can’t use them with a computer-controlled CNC plasma cutting table. This 60 amp plasma cutter solves that problem with a blowback pilot torch.

Blowback torches use a buildup of air pressure against the material surface. That pressure forces the electrode backward into the torch when you pull the trigger, firing the torch arc. You can also drag start this torch by touching it to the cutting surface and literally dragging the torch. Use affordable, powerful, and high-quality 60 amp plasma cutter for production runs of precision-cut parts and for complex artwork.

Continuous Pilot Arc for Mesh or Perforated Steel

The PrimeWeld CUT 60 Plasma Cutter also offers a continuous pilot arc, cutting material like grating, mesh steel, and expanded metal with ease. When the arc is in open spaces in the metal, the torch stops cutting until it reaches another solid place, then restrikes the cutting arc.

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