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CUT50DP 110v/220v 50-Amp Plasma Cutter


The CUT50DP is portable and uses compressed air to cut stainless, copper, aluminum, and more. Order online to get free shipping from PrimeWeld.



The PrimeWeld CUT50DP 50-Amp 110v/220v Plasma Cutter provides your shop with inexpensive, powerful metal-cutting capabilities. It runs on either 110v or 220v outlets, providing amazing go-anywhere versatility. It comes with the accessories you need to unpack it and get to work. And at PrimeWeld, we back what we sell with unrivaled customer service.

50-Amp & 110v/220v Features

This 50-amp plasma cutter can go through 1/2-inch thick steel in a single pass when running on 240 volts. If you don’t have access to 220-volt power, no problem. The CUT50DP is also a rugged 110v plasma cutter that takes harsh shop conditions in stride. On 110 volts, it offers up to 40 amps with the ability to cut up to a 1/4-inch plate. This machine can get down to 10 amps output on either power source, low enough to cut auto body sheet metal.


PrimeWeld includes a high-quality AG60P torch with this machine for industry-standard, easy-to-find consumable torch parts. The 13-foot torch hose on the CUT50DP 110v plasma cutter gives you room to work. We also ship our 50a plasma cutter with a set of replacement consumable parts. 

At PrimeWeld, we build professional-quality machines that provide reliable service and great features at market-leading prices. The PrimeWeld CUT50DP 110v/220v Plasma Cutter equips your shop arsenal with metal cutting capabilities that save time and money while improving productivity and quality. It comes with a torch, grounding lead, air regulator, hoses, and extra torch consumable parts.

MOSFET Inverter System

The MOSFET inverter system makes for an incredibly light machine, weighing in at only 24 pounds. PrimeWeld incorporates a high-frequency, no-touch arc starting system for the CUT50DP 50 amp plasma cutter. Hold the torch just above the surface and pull the trigger. The torch starts without touching the surface, improving the lifespan of its consumable parts. This feature by itself adds value the competition can’t match at this price point.

PrimeWeld’s Legendary Customer Service Leads the Market

Anytime you need to solve a problem or have questions about your 50 amp plasma cutter, feel free to call PrimeWeld for live, personalized support from real people. Our staff is easy to get in touch with and know how to keep your PrimeWeld machine working its best.