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Find answers to questions we often get from welders

Find answers to questions we often get from welders

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What is a Multi-Process Welder?

A multi-process welder is a welding machine that can do more than one welding task. These welders make it possible for operators to complete various jobs on a construction site or in a fabrication shop without changing power sources, saving time and money.

For example, one high-quality multi-process machine combines a TIG welder, stick welder, and plasma cutter in one versatile machine. Other machines offer TIG, MIG, and stick welding without a plasma-cutting feature. Regardless of the make and type, multi-process welders allow an operator to carry out multiple welding processes from a single machine conveniently.

Multi-Process Welder Advantages

Multi-process welders offer several advantages over dedicated welding machines including:

  • Versatility: The primary and most obvious benefit of a multi-process welder is its versatility. There is no need to set-up each machine separately before you begin welding. High-quality multi-process machines switch between processes quickly and seamlessly.
  • Lightweight: Another positive attribute of multi-process machines is their lighter weight. You would think that three machines in one would result in a heavy piece of equipment. But advances in inverter technology have allowed manufacturers to develop versatile, powerful, and lightweight machines.
  • Space-saving: Multi-purpose welders are ideal for those working in smaller environments. If you are already cramped for space, it might be impossible to crowd in three separate machines. With the multi-purpose welder, you can fit three machines into the area for one.
  • Money-saving: Using the same rationale that we used for space, you can buy three machines in one for a fraction of the cost of three individual machines.

It is worth noting that while multi-purpose welders could be appropriate in industrial settings, they are especially useful for home hobbyists and those who do smaller amounts of welding in a workshop setting. For heavy-duty industrial applications, a single-process machine might be preferable.

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