You Should Subscribe to These Top 5 Welding YouTube Channels

There is no shortage of YouTube welding and fabrication channels. And, quite honestly, most of them provide value to those who are relatively new to welding and to those veterans who have been at it for decades.

Here is a list of some of the best channels out there. To be considered for this list, channels needed to have at least 50,000 subscribers and should have posted a video within the last 60 days.

These YouTube channels have educational welding content on MIG, TIG, and stick, along with plenty of interesting projects. With all the welding channels from which to choose, it wasn’t easy to narrow it down, but the five channels listed below offer plenty of great advice for welders at any experience level. Be sure to also check out our “PrimeWeld Picks” where we’ve highlighted our favorite video from each channel.

1. Welding Tips and Tricks (Jody Collier) 

PrimeWeld You Should Subscribe to These Top 5 Welding YouTube Channels Jody Collier

Check it out: Welding Tips and Tricks YouTube Channel (781K subscribers)

Probably the most popular welding channel of them all, Welding Tips and Tricks promises to help you “pass a test, fix stuff, build stuff, get a raise, and build a better life. According to long-time welder Jody Collier, his channel offers clear arc shots that will seem “as if you were looking over my shoulder.” The instructions are provided with plain talk, which is what Collier believes makes for a good welding video. You’ll see videos on TIG, MIG, stick, and flux-core welding.

PrimeWeld Pick: Jody Collier’s Simple MIG Welding Technique is one of our favorite MIG welding videos on YouTube.


PrimeWeld You Should Subscribe to These Top 5 Welding YouTube Channels

Check it out:’s YouTube Channel (484K subscribers)

Advertised as “educational resources for welders, by welders,” this YouTube welding channel teaches everything from the fundamentals to the complexities of joint configurations to exotic materials. The experienced instructors present projects based on their careers in structural steel, pipeline, nuclear, aerospace, and many more. These welders bring over 75 years of combined experience to their videos.

PrimeWeld Pick: Learn how to turn a stick welder into a TIG welder in this helpful video from 

3. The Fab Forums (Kyle Voss) 

PrimeWeld You Should Subscribe to These Top 5 Welding YouTube Channels The Fab Forums

Check it out: The Fab Forums YouTube Channel (275K subscribers) 

South Carolina’s Kyle Voss produces custom motorsports fabrication content using carbon fiber, TIG welding, and metal shaping on hot rods, muscle cars, and custom choppers. The channel typically provides new content each week. Some of Kyle’s past projects include a 1964 C10 Chevy truck, another C10 truck project was 1969 named the Black Pearl, and he is currently working on a custom twin-turbo Ford Mustang build he calls the Gray Goose. 

PrimeWeld Pick: For some ideas on how to use your welding skills to make an industrial shop table, watch this video by Kyle Voss. 


PrimeWeld You Should Subscribe to These Top 5 Welding YouTube Channels

Check it out: YouTube Channel (421K subscribers)

Not surprisingly, is all about aluminum fabrication and machining. TIG Welding tips include basic welder setup and settings, torch setup, tungsten types, how to purchase and properly clean aluminum, outside corner welds, and out-of-position welding. Some of the fun projects you can learn from are:
    How to make a cell phone stand
    Manual 3D printing with a TIG welder
    How to make a kalimba

        PrimeWeld Pick: This video by provides a useful metal fabrication trick on how to cut a clean circle

        5. Channel Kevin (Kevin Caron) 

        PrimeWeld You Should Subscribe to These Top 5 Welding YouTube Channels Channel Kevin

        Check it out: Kevin Caron’s YouTube Channel (76.4K subscribers)

        Kevin Caron is a sculptor who works mostly with fabricated steel. He designs, cuts, shapes, welds, and grinds his own work. As he puts it, his specialty is “making metal do some pretty crazy things.” Kevin shares his artistic tips and tricks about an assortment of welding and fabrication tools and techniques.  

        PrimeWeld Pick: If you’re planning a stick welding project with thick metal, have a look at Kevin’s video How to “Stick” (Arc) Weld Thick Metal.



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