Top 8 Best TIG Welding Gloves of 2022

Like any other welding method, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding requires wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep you safe. A welding helmet, jacket, and steel-tipped shoes are essential PPE items, but welding gloves should sit atop any list of equipment designed to help you weld safely.

The goal here is to ensure that you make the right decision when purchasing TIG welding gloves and answer some common questions welders have about them. We will then give specific recommendations with a list of the best TIG welding gloves and why they are on the list.

First, let’s look at a few of the questions that many hobbyists and professional welders ask when they are ready to buy:

Do you need special gloves for TIG welding?

TIG gloves are made of much thinner, softer material, and the gloves fit snugly to allow for more precise manipulation of the torch and filler. Since the more significant danger in TIG welding comes from light, not sparks, there’s not as much need for thicker glove material.

What is the difference between welding gloves and TIG welding gloves?

MIG and stick welding requires high protection from heat, while TIG requires gloves that will give welders high dexterity levels.

Can you stick weld with TIG gloves?

While some welding gloves are appropriate for multiple welding processes, thin TIG gloves are unsuitable for stick welding. Some MIG gloves may not provide the flexibility required to effectively TIG weld.

Are TIG welding gloves heat resistant?

Because TIG welding gloves are thinner than other types of welding gloves, most of them are not direct-touch heat resistant.

What should you be looking for in TIG welding gloves?

The best welding gloves for TIG will have a few things in common:

  • Dexterity: Since more manipulation is required for TIG welding, gloves must allow for more dexterity and flexibility. They must keep welders safe while permitting a more comprehensive range of movement than other gloves.
  • Heat protection: The best TIG welding gloves will safeguard welders from hot metal sparks and excessive heat. Look for gloves made from a premium heat and flame-resistant fabric, such as leather.
  • Stitching: Kevlar stitching is preferable, and Kevlar linings should cover the seams to protect against heat and puncturing.
  • Comfort and size: The gloves should fit snugly yet provide comfort and flexibility. The eight best TIG welding gloves of 2022

Here is this year’s cream of the crop in TIG welding gloves:

1. Lincoln Grain Leather TIG Welding Gloves

Lincoln Grain Leather TIG Welding Gloves

Lincoln Electric’s Grain Leather TIG Welding Gloves provide dexterity with three-part Kevlar sewn fingers, allowing you to feel the torch and wire. Yet, they protect your hands from sharp metal and have thumb patches to prevent wear and give extra protection. If you touch hot metal, a long cuff going four inches past your hands prevents forearm burns. Constructed primarily of top-grain goat leather, these TIG welding gloves are sturdy and comfortable. The goat leather is soft and pliable yet surprisingly durable.


  • Four-inch cuff length
  • Grain leather · Kevlar stitching · Highly dexterous
  • Three-part sewn fingers
  • Extra thumb patch


  • Cannot move or carry hot metals when wearing these gloves

Price: $19.89 Amazon

2. Tillman Top Grain Gloves for TIG Welding

Tillman Top Grain Gloves for TIG Welding

The Tillman 1338 gloves have a snug shape and a practical design, giving them the excellent feel you need for TIG welding. They offer extra support in the areas you are more likely to be burned and where excessive wear occurs.

While these goatskin gloves are not direct-touch heat-resistant, they give plenty of surrounding heat resistance for low and high amp TIG welding. The Kevlar stitching is another feature that makes them durable and prevents tearing at the seams.


  • Lightweight and premium-grade
  • Long-lasting
  • Offers lots of protection
  • Easy to manipulate · Four-inch cuff length


  • Tends to feel slippery when handling filler rod
  • Not direct-touch heat-resistant

Price: $13.99 Amazon

3. Revco T50 Tigster TIG-Welding Gloves

Revco T50 Tigster TIG-Welding Gloves

The Revco T50 LG Tigster gloves have an ergonomic keystone thumb feature allowing excellent movement of your thumbs and enhancing their overall dexterous feel. They will provide a snug fit with the correct size, while the kidskin material offers better-than-average flame resistance.

The glove’s design helps increase its dexterity, and its Kevlar stitching offers additional flame resistance. The T50 is lightweight, durable, comfortable, and flexible, which are attributes of a quality TIG welding glove.


  • Kevlar stitching
  • Drag patch reinforcement
  • Ergonomic keystone thumb  
  • Highly dexterous
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • Not direct-touch heat-resistant
  • Short cuffs

Price: $23.45 Amazon

4. Caiman Goatskin TIG Welding Glove

Caiman Goatskin TIG Welding Glove

The Caiman White Goatskin TIG gloves are an affordable choice, but they maintain Caiman’s reputation for craftsmanship. Made of goat grain leather, the gloves have no internal lining, making them touch-sensitive and dexterous.

The gloves have four-inch-long split leather cuffs, offering excellent protection at all the right places. Although they don’t provide direct-touch protection for heat around your hands, they will protect you from cuts and surrounding heat.


  • Four-inch cuff
  • Goat grain leather
  • Highly dexterous
  • Cut-proof
  • Surrounding heat-resistant


  • Not direct-touch heat-resistant

Price: $15.49 Amazon

5. Ironcat TIG Welder’s Glove

Ironcat TIG Welder's Glove

The Ironcat TIG Gloves from West Chester are made from leather soft enough to provide comfort and dexterity yet durable enough to resist punctures. Kevlar stitching guards the seams against heat and sparks, while an extended cuff protects the hands and forearms.

The Ironcat is known for excellent dexterity and fit, which is essential for TIG welding. It also has a good reputation in several industries, including steel mills, shipyards, manufacturing, and automotive.


  • Offers protection from burns, thanks to its extended cuff
  • Resists punctures and abrasion
  • Highly dexterous
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Surrounding heat-resistant


  • Rough edges
  • Not a snug-fitting shape

Price: $9.87 Lowes

6. Superior 370GFKLM Precision Arc TIG Welding Glove

Superior 370GFKLM Precision Arc TIG Welding Glove

The Superior 370GFKLM Precision Arc TIG Welding Glove is another product that offers dexterity and touch control. Its goatskin leather is durable and provides excellent cut resistance. The glove’s strength is partly due to the cut and sewn Kevlar interlock that lines its hand portion, giving it a secure fit without interfering with its touch sensitivity and heat resistance.

Although the Precision Arc gloves are designed specifically for TIG welding, many welders claim they work equally well for MIG welding.


  • Cut resistance
  • Secure fit
  • Versatile (can be used for MIG welding)
  • Kevlar lining
  • Surrounding heat-resistant


  • Takes longer to break in

Price: $23.75 Amazon

7. Revco BSX Black Stallion GM1510 TIG Welding Glove

Revco BSX Black Stallion GM1510 TIG Welding Glove

The advertised name of this glove tells you all you need to know: Revco BSX Black Stallion 1510 Comfortable and High-Dexterity MIG/TIG Welding Glove. Now you know most of its attributes. First, it’s comfortable for long hours on the job, and second, it offers the dexterity you need from a TIG welding glove.

Although the glove is lightweight, it is tough and durable, and a built-in DragPatch provides extra coverage for hot zones.


  • Lightweight protection
  • Durable
  • Versatile (can be used for MIG welding)
  • Comfortable
  • Resists sparks and abrasion


  • Takes longer to break in

Price: $20.95 Amazon

8. Miller 263354 Arc Armor Multitask TIG Welding Glove

Miller 263354 Arc Armor Multitask TIG Welding Glove

The Miller 263354 Arc Armor Multitask TIG Welding Glove is premium goat grain leather, adding to its dexterity and flexibility. A dual-padded palm gives extra comfort to the glove, while wool on its back serves as insulation.

Kevlar threads aid in flame resistance and provide strength to the seams. In addition to TIG welding, the glove can be used in multiple applications.


  • Multifunctional
  • High-quality material
  • Well-insulated
  • Comfortable
  • Flame-resistant Kevlar stitching


  • Might be too thick for some users

Price: $38.00 Amazon

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