Global Welding Equipment Market Overview

The Welding Equipment Market

Most of the industrial products undergo the welding process before completion and then get manufactured. As every manufacturer needs to do welding, the demand for welding equipment has raised globally. On the other hand, manufacturers make use of new materials for varying industrial requirements and it leads to the requirement of ground-breaking welding technology. So, manufacturers keep their focus on developing innovative and new welding equipment to accomplish the growing demands of the product. Also, they are in a rush to meet the need for equipment development on time. The global welding equipment market 2018 – 2022 witnessed a rise in the adoption of automated solutions for welding and now it is one of the major trends in the welding field. The use of robots in the welding process is also observed more with the advancements in robotics technology.

Report Coverage

This report covers details regarding the present situation of the global welding equipment market and its growth prospects for 2018-2022. In order to calculate the market size, revenue generated from the sales of welding equipment across industries is considered. A recent report by Persistence Market Research says that global marketing for welding equipment will see huge growth within 2024. Within that specified time, the global welding equipment market is anticipated to gain 19,165.2 Million US dollars. It is just a projected approximate value.

Segmentation Analysis

This research report provides market segmentation by mainly two things: 

  • By end-user – construction, Automotive, A and D, Shipbuilding
  • By region – the Americas, APAC, and EMEA

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the most prominent factors that greatly influence the equipment market like:

  • Opportunities
  • Trends
  • Drivers
  • Industry-related changes

Amongst the four end-users, the automotive section has held a high market share in the year 2017. 27% of market share was contributed by the automotive segment alone. The end-user segment is expected to dominate the global market all through the prediction period. When considering the regional segment, APAC held the highest market share in 2017. It has contributed to nearly 47% of the market share. Respective shares are provided by the Americas and EMEA. Again, APAC is anticipated to dominate the welding equipment market all through the period in between 2018 and 2022.


The segmentation analysis by region splits the global market into many key areas (in terms of revenue, production, consumption, market share, the growth rate of welding equipment) like:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Southeast Asia

By product type, you will have two subdivisions namely:

  • Arc welding
  • Resistance welding

By application, it is subdivided into:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy and chemical
  • Electronics, precision instruments, Medical applications

This report has gone through a comprehensive analysis of the global market in terms of its historical data, qualitative insights and confirmable forecasts about the market size. The forecast results stated in this report have been developed by incorporating proven assumptions and research methodologies. In this way, this research report acts as a warehouse of analysis and information for every single part of the market including technology, regional markets, applications, and types. Put succinctly, this research study is an excellent source of dependable data on many elements:

  • Market trends and dynamics
  • Market segments and sub-segments
  • Market size
  • Current trends in the market
  • Opportunities available in the market
  • Challenges in the market
  • Supply and demand
  • Competitive setting
  • Technological insights
  • Value chain and stakeholder analysis

Report highlights

  • An all-inclusive assessment of the parent market
  • Notable changes in market dynamics
  • Historical, existing and forecasted size of the market from the perspective of volume and value
  • Segmentation analysis to the third level
  • Prompt reporting of most recent industry developments
  • Assessment of recent market developments
  • Market shares of key players
  • Emerging regional markets and niche areas and their value
  • Appraisal about the trajectory of the market
  • Suggestions to companies on getting a stronghold in this competitive market

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