5 Best Welding Books for Beginners

Suppose you are considering a professional welding career or have already started down that road. In that case, welding books are an excellent way to learn the craft at your pace without the cost of a traditional school curriculum.

However, finding the best welding books for beginners and others in the early stages of a welding career can be challenging. Not to worry! Here are five of the most useful learn-to-weld books that cover everything you need to know to get your welding profession up and running:

1. Learn to Weld: Beginning MIG Welding and Metal Fabrication Basics

Learn to Weld book by Stephen Blake Christena

Author: Stephen Christena
Price: $14.99

Those looking for a book on the basics of Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding and metal fabrication will not be disappointed with this choice. With the help of illustrated tutorials, the book offers techniques that you can practice in your home shop or garage.

In addition to the ins and outs of welding and fabrication, Learn to Weld teaches you how to set up a home weld shop. You will also learn about choosing the right safety equipment and following the correct safety procedures to help you avoid injury.

One outstanding feature of this well-written book for beginners is a detailed index that serves as a handy reference.

2. Welding for Dummies

Welding for Dummies book by Steven Robert Farnsworth

Author: Steven Robert Farnsworth
Price: $18.99

Welding for Dummies is another excellent book for beginners, containing straightforward advice on various welding projects. The book has comprehensive information on MIG, TIG, stick, and flux-core welding, along with chapters on choosing the best welding products for your first projects.

The book is unique because it has the information you won’t find in other welding books. For instance, it has sections on acetylene welding and plasma cutting together with basic welding advice on proper finishes and safe welding techniques.

A Community College Welding Instructor, the author has created a well-written book that is easy to understand for any beginning welder.

3. Farm and Workshop Welding: Everything You Need to Know to Weld, Cut, and Shape Metal

Farm and Workshop Welding book by Andrew Pearce

Author: Andrew Pearce
Price: $20.49

You don’t have to work on a farm to benefit from this book. It has loads of helpful suggestions to help beginners improve their welding techniques when creating and repairing any metal equipment.

The book has plenty of illustrations and information on welding safety, metal identification, workshop techniques, cast iron welding, pipe welding, and soldering. It even covers taps, dies, and drill sharpening.

There is detailed information on MIG welding, stick welding, TIG welding, gas welding, and plasma cutting. It also includes a section on basic blacksmithing and plastic welding. Farm and Workshop Welding is a must-read for anyone hoping to become a certified welder.

4. How To Weld (Motorbooks Workshop)

Motorbooks Workshop How To Weld book by Todd Bridgum

Author: Todd Bridigum
Price: $13.29

How to Weld explains the various tools and equipment that are part of the metal fabrication process. There are chapters on welding techniques, safety processes, types of metals, and even a brief history of welding.

Each section has colored photos explaining the methods in detail, and you will also see examples of shoddy welding work.

The book contains gas welding, braze welding, arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, and tungsten arc welding. At the end of each of its fourteen chapters, you’ll find exercises to help you practice what you have just learned.

The book gives beginners and those who want to freshen up their welding skills everything they need.

5. Welding Fundamentals

Welding Fundamentals book by William A. Bowditch

Author: William A. Bowditch
Price: $169.95

Welding Fundamentals was written with junior high students in mind, and it is highly recommended for students taking welding classes for the first time. The book contains various welding techniques such as shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, and more.

The book has easy-to-understand illustrations, including charts and tables to highlight the variables in each welding project. And there is plenty of technical information on weld testing and inspection, welder qualification, and welding symbols.

Of course, no student welding book would be complete without safety information concerning electrical and chemical hazards. Although a bit pricey, the book is a must for beginners preparing for the AWS SENSE Level 1–Entry Welder certification.

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