10 Best Welding Gift Ideas for 2020

Welding is a great way to make a living, but it's also a popular hobby as well. Maybe your loved one is a full-time welder or does it on the side just for the enjoyment of it or to make some extra money. Either way, whenever a special occasion comes up in 2020, and you're searching for the perfect present, you'll likely start thinking of a welding gift for them.

Even if you don't know a thing about welding, there are many different great gifts for welders to choose from. Here is a list of ten welding gift ideas. Some are expensive, others not so much. But all of them are easy to find and will provide some degree of pleasure for your favorite welder.

1. Portable Welder to Use at Home

PrimeWeld MIG140

You probably assumed that this portable welder was one welding gift that was entirely out of your price range, but you can give your much-loved welder industrial quality and performance at a very affordable price. Your welder can use all of those skills around the house, shop, or garage for $350 and a money-back guarantee!




Image from PrimeWeld

2. Revco Industries Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmet Catch

Revco Industries Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmet Catch

Available for under $100, this backpack is an affordable gift for welders made of high-quality materials. It includes a quick-action helmet catch, side gear pockets for welding gloves, and a large storage area with rigid sidewalls to protect and store a lunch box, tools, or any other items. The welder's backpack is the perfect solution for transporting welding gear to work or a remote job site. It includes a utility carabiner and lunch cooler inside the gear pack.

Image from Amazon

3. DEKOPRO Welding Helmet

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet

A lightweight, versatile welding helmet that can be used while grinding, cutting, and welding is always a great gift for welders. The DEKOPRO Welding Helmet is an upgrade from googles or a fixed-shade glass. It has auto-darkening that switches from light to dark almost immediately and has many of the features of helmets costing much more. It is reasonably priced at around $70. 

Image from Amazon

4. Caiman Extra-Long Welding Gloves


Caiman Extra-Long Welding Gloves

Caiman Kontour 1878 MIG/STICK welding gloves are not like all those other big and bulky welding gloves. They are designed to match the shape of your welder's hand to provide the ultimate in comfort and fit. With an overall length of 21 inches, you can rest assured that this welding gift will be providing full arm protection, which will reduce the risk of those burns to the forearm. These gloves make a great welding gift for around $30.

Image from Home Depot

5.   Tillman Leather "Freedom Flex" Welding Jacket

 Tillman Leather "Freedom Flex" Welding JacketThe Tillman Leather "Freedom Flex" Welding Jacket #3360 is both practical and stylish—the perfect combination for a welding gift. The cowhide leather is tanned for maximum heat resistance, and its premium dark brown side split gives it a cool look. The jacket is lightweight, and there is plenty of room for shoulders and arm movement. It's another excellent gift at under $70.

Image from Weldersupply.com

6. Revco Welding Cap

Revco Welding CapThe Revco BC5W-BK Armor Cotton Welding Cap will keep your welder cool and comfortable under the welding hood. It has 100% cotton double-layer construction and can be worn as a welding cap, doo rag, or beany, depending on the situation. One-size-fits-all with an affordable price of $11.

Image from Amazon

7. Engraved Folding Knife

Engraved Folding KnifeWhat welder wouldn't be delighted to receive a durable pocket knife with an engraved rosewood handle? It has a durable 3-inch stainless steel blade that is partially serrated. An easy-open thumb flip makes it convenient for one-handed use. The knife also comes with a nylon pouch with a belt loop so it can always be by your special welder's side. It is another affordable welding gift idea priced at $35.

Image from Amazon

8. TEKTON Dead Blow Hammer Set

TEKTON Dead Blow Hammer SetAll welders love to receive tools, and dead-blow hammers are useful for a variety of tasks that include popping out small dents in sheet metal and pounding metal with a considerable amount of controlled force. Priced at $35, the TEKTON 30709 Dead Blow Hammer Set contains three hammers weighing 16, 32, and 48 ounces.

Image from Amazon

9. Bessey Welders Angle Clamp

Bessey Welders Angle ClampWelders never seem to have enough clamps. And there are so many types available. So, if you're looking to give a unique clamp that your welder doesn't already have in his or her toolbox, think about the Bessey WSM-9 welders angle clamp as a welding gift idea. A bit on the pricey side at $120, the Bessey will help your welder make square joints by holding the pieces completely rigid throughout the weld.

Image from Amazon

10. Welding Wall Art Prints

Welding Wall Art PrintsWelders are proud of their profession, so let them show it off with these steampunk-style Welding Wall Art Prints. Ready for framing, these high-quality prints will look good on a living room wall, in a workshop, rec room, or on a wall at work. They feature illustrated diagrams on Fuji Crystal Archive paper and sell for $15 for the set of four.

Image from Amazon

These welding gift ideas should make gift hunting a bit easier, but there are other options out there. So, don't be afraid to use some creative thinking when it comes to choosing the right gift for your welder. Good luck with your search!

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