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Pigtail Convert 220V to 110V for CUT50/CUT50DP/CT520D/CT520DP

Pigtail Convert 220V to 110V for CUT50/CUT50DP/CT520D/CT520DP


The Pig Tail 220v to 110v converter by PrimeWeld is compatible with CUT50, CUT50DP, CT520D, and CT520DP. Order online today from PrimeWeld.



Product Description:

Specifications: Total Length: 19 inches, Cord Length: 13 inches, Product Weight: 0.7 pounds, Input: SL-631 (L6-30) 250V, 30A, Output: SP-056, Wire: 3 x 5.26 mm 2 (10AWG), Voltage Limit: 600V, Temperature Limit: 60 ℃, Only works with the Following: PRIMEWELD CT520D, PRIMEWELD CT520DP

Product Features:


Input: SL-631 (L6-30) 250V, 30A

Voltage Limit: 600V

Temperature Limit: 60 ℃

Welding is an important industrial process that requires many different types of welds for many different industries. Each kind of weld requires a specific welding machine and a power supply. The power sources depend on the nature of the appliance. But in general, if the voltage is high, it will draw higher current and ultimately will burn out. Hence it is good to use 220v to 110v welder adapter to extend your power length further than your welder machine will reach.
Product description

The whole cable is 19 inches long

Cord length is nearly 13 inches long

The weight of the product is 0.7 Pounds

Input required is SL-631 (L6-30) 250V, 30A

Output required is SP-056

The maximum voltage limit of the product is 600V

The maximum temperature limit of the product is 60 ℃

About pigtail converter
The product resembles a pig’s tail and so it is called as pig tail 220v to 110v converter. This is the only one component of all the connections that has to be made manually. Yet, it is the main connection that supplies all the important electrical needs to the CUT50DP plasma cutter. The cable contains coils that let the welder turn on the machine without the cable being disconnected from it. The cable is black in color and has a plug on at its terminal portion which has many holes. You should fit the plug into the corresponding outlet of the CUT50 DP plasma cutter. The plug and the outlet are called as male and female plugs. The female plug usually fits into the male outlet and continues to act. 110v to 220v converter for welder provides the flexibility needed for both simple and complex welding processes.
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